lifestyle coach, intuitive sound practitioner, interior designer, & numerologist

intuitive designer | business mentor | Energetic expert

Chances are you were led to my page because you're spiritually curious, in the midst of transition, or embarking on self-discovery.

Maybe you're searching for inspiration and motivation. You might be struggling to find your purpose or  want to start your own business.

You might be going through a breakup or divorce, maybe you've lost a job, or you're dealing with anxiety and feel like your stuck, or you're searching for meaning to this thing called life.

Whatever brought you to my little corner of the internet, I'm so glad you found me!  

The Essence Of My Work Teaches You How To Use Energy, Emotion, Intention And Intuition To Attract What You Want Want In Life, Love, & Business...Just Like A 

I've Supported Clients In Every Industry, From Corporate CEO's And Start-Up Solo-Preneurs To Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Grammy Winning Producers And Hit Songwriters To Real Estate Moguls And MLM Masterminds.

I Help My Clients Create Thriving, Purpose Driven Lives + Careers.
While Becoming Better, More Aligned & Authentic Versions Of Their True Self.

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i'm Wrenn Michelle


former bank teller turned
serial entrepreneur, intuitive designer, business mentor, & Your Go-To Guide For All Things Energy + Transformation

"Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic & miracles."

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intuitive consulting

intuitive consulting



erika rose
Her intuitive abilities, mediumship, meditations, sound healing and business coaching are not her only gifts!! Her energy alone can light up a room.

Wrenn’s guidance is truly spot on! She is specifically on point when it comes to relationship, love and career guidance. She has offered me guidance for new launches and business endeavors that I never would have tried on my own.

If you are feeling stuck, lost, confused, looking for clarity or purpose or any type of self sabotaging way, do your soul a favor and book with a session with Wrenn...She'll change your life!

"Wrenn is a beautiful, powerful, spiritual, badass with a heart of pure gold! She has been such an inspiration to me."

kristine noel
​Wrenn's sound healing sessions are beyond restorative and left me feeling so at peace and restored mentally, physically and emotionally.
I was able to slip into another world where the mind chatter was gone and I was deeply connected to my soul.

Wherever my body needed healing is where I could feel the beautiful sound vibrations.

I’ve experienced and also witnessed her psychic downloads and they are 100% spot on! Truly magical and life-changing.

I am blessed to call her my friend and soul sister. If you get the chance to work with Wrenn, JUMP in and take it!”

"To receive sound healing, mentoring, or psychic guidance from Wrenn is nothing short of life-changing and magical."

jessi leann
To say that I look forward to spending time in Wrenn's energy is an understatement.

Not that it’s all fun and games...but
Wrenn has shown me how to  tackle issues i've struggled with for years. She has guided me through all the difficult stuff, in  such a compassionate manner, her attentiveness and her ability to guide me in seeing the core issues and transmuting them is priceless.

Wrenn is authentic, open, honest, incredibly intuitive and one of the most genuine people I know.

I ALWAYS finish my sessions with her feeling empowered and with a new sense of purpose.
Like a new version of my self just stepped into reality.

"I absolutely LOVE my private coaching sessions with Wrenn, And I have grown + learned so much in such a short time. "

diana toia
"I have been fortunate enough to experience her healing, meditations, sound healing, as well as receive her intuitive guidance, and she has always been so on point with the messages! 

She is blunt and to the point but she also has one of the biggest hearts out of anyone I know, and truly wants only the best for others.

She is also the BEST Hype Queen you could ever have in your corner. I am so grateful to know her!”

"Wrenn is so intuitive
and magical!"