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My journey so far...

I'm a 41 year old mom and former bank teller turned "Accidental Entrepreneur" who created a million dollar home decor brand in my dad's basement.

Flash back to 2008, I worked for a highly successful auto finance company, in Irvine, California.
I was a single mom, making more money than I ever dreamed of, I had just purchased my own home and bought a brand new car.
Life was so good...or so I thought, until the economy crashed and the finance company I was working for suddenly closed. Which in turn caused me to file bankruptcy, have my new house foreclosed on, apply for food stamps and ultimately move back in with my parents, that was definitely not the life I had dreamed of for me or my son, when the month before the future seemed brighter than ever!

From 2009-2011 it felt like GOD was punishing me for something I didn't even know I did. I would have 1 or 2 good days followed by weeks of bad seemed like a dark cloud was constantly following me. I couldn't find a job anywhere and was constantly told I was "overqualified" for entry level positions.

In 2012, I married the love of my life, we got engaged on national television, had my dream wedding that was featured in people magazine, and I opened my first business, The Faded Farmhouse Design Company...with literally zero experience, no college degree, and $500!

Things seemed like they were finally falling into place.

I had everything I thought would make me happy. A successful business, a beautiful home, My dream car, a huge social media following...all the boxes were checked and just when I thought things were looking all completely fell apart...again. 

I struggled with depression, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts for years. From the outside it looked like I had a perfect life, but on the inside I was crumbling. I became more and more miserable by the day. 

I thought if I just worked harder, made more money, or if i had a of those things would finally make me happy and my pain and problems would instantly disappear, then I could feel "normal" again. 

After one serious relationships and 2 short lived, failed marriages, I realized that the common denominator in these relationships, was me. I was desperately searching for "the one" to be my happily ever after, to make me feel sexy, loved, happiness, joy, wanted, etc.

I was so conditioned to being "the fixer" in my relationships. Thinking if I gave other people everything they needed, they would love me. If I could convince them that they needed me, they wouldn't leave, then I could finally be happy and feel secure.

Not realizing I was seeking validation from others because I was carrying so much unprocessed, deep seeded trauma around abandonment & rejection from my childhood.

I know now that I was attracting toxic people and extremely unhealthy co-dependent relationships into my life because my fear of them abandoning me was so strong, the universe was intentionally giving me relationships that would never work out, trying to wake me up to my own self worth. I learned some hard lessons that you can't force, control, or buy another persons love and that no one and nothing outside of you will ever make you truly happy. 

Once I committed to un-becoming everything I had been conditioned to be, I began to realize that I had to become the one I was seeking....My happiness, wholeness, and fulfillment was my responsibility...I would never find those feelings inside of someone else. I had to find them inside of me. 

I started healing my past trauma and the stories I believed about why "GOD" had punished me through meditation, journaling, energy work, and manifestation, thats when everything seemed to magically start opening up for me. 

Today looking back I can see so clearly how every piece of my past led me to my purpose, which in turn has also led you to reading this now.

I sold my home decor business in 2020 with the intention to fully step into my soul's true purpose and onto a completely different career path as a Spiritual Coach and Sound Therapist.

Over the past three years, I have guided thousands of men and women through their own healing journeys by providing them with tools to overcome self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

I’ve helped them lose weight, discover their purpose, connect with departed loved ones, process childhood traumas, release guilt + shame, transform their relationships, find their self-worth, and take their power back.

My intention is for anyone in my presence to feel seen, worthy, and significant.
I hope to inspire you to want more from life, to believe in magic, and lean into trust even the tiniest whispers of your soul.

Your life will shift the second that you embrace your flaws, overcome your fears, and begin to trust yourself.  You are meant for so much more. Don't settle for mediocre. You were created from Pure Magic!

I share my story, with the hope that one day you might find the courage to also share yours.

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